Enthusiast Photography Workshop
You know how to take model photos with your camera, but you want to improve the results.
Join this workshop to upscale your skill on lighting, directing, composition, and photo retouching.

What You Need to Bring
A digital camera with at least 50mm lens for full frame, or 35mm lens for aps-c
A laptop with Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop installed, and mouse

Workshop Fee
Rp 1.000.000
Include snacks, lunch, and beverages

Workshop Schedule
Please select the date below
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Workshop Timetable
08.00 / Introduction to photography
08.30 /  1st photo session - outdoor no lighting
10.30 / 2nd photo session - indoor with lighting
12.30 / Lunch break and discussion
13.00 / 3rd photo session - outdoor with lighting
15.00 / Basic workflow of photo retouching
15.30 / Developing photo with Lightroom
16.00 / Photo retouching with Photoshop
17.30 / Discussion - end of workshop

Workshop Studio Location
Jl. Bangka II No.29-ZA
Jakarta Selatan 12720
Portfolio of 6 August 2022 Workshop Participants